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How Challenge Walk MS® Works


Challenge Walk MS is a multi-day, fully-supported and accessible endurance walking event that dares us to move beyond our limits, both as individuals and as a group. 


This event has raised over $84 million to stop MS in its tracks. Each Challenge Walk MS has a fundraising minimum and pushes the limits of what's possible. 


Each Challenge Walk MS ranges from 2 to 3 days and routes vary from 30 to 50 miles.  No matter where you participate, every Challenge Walk MS is unforgettable. 

Trying to process everything that comes along with an MS diagnosis, we decided to participate in Challenge Walk MS. To our joy, we were blessed with encouragement, support, and a group of people we now consider a part of our family.

Chris (left), diagnosed in 2019, and Allen

Every Walk.  Every Walker.  Every Contribution Matters. 

Every day we come one step closer to our goal - a world free from MS.  Every day we learn more about the disease and push for new treatments and programs to help people living with MS.  None of it would be possible without the vital funds raised through Challenge Walk MS. 


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