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Our Interactive Climb to the Top experience is here!

It’s time to climb!

You haven’t climbed your last stair yet! Today is your climb and we are so excited to see your view from the top. But first, watch our kick-off video to get some power behind your steps! Then hit the stairs and share your photos using #climbMS.


Check out the view from around the map!

Once you’ve tackled your climb, why not see the view from other summits too? There is no limit to how high our climb community will go!

When the National MS Society was founded 75 years ago, MS was neglected and poorly understood. Since then, we’ve achieved more breakthroughs for MS than the world has seen for any other neurological disease. The next chapter in our story can be the last chapter for MS. Together, we can be the generation that ends the disease and changes life for millions of people affected by MS.

Check out views around the map. From coast to coast, you can see a world free of MS.