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Your fundraising fuels cutting-edge research and delivers critical services to help the MS community live their best lives. At Hike MS, you come for the mountains, but stay for the difference you make to get us that much closer to a world free of MS.


5 Ways to Get Started  

1. Set a goal and aim high.

2. Personalize your Fundraising Center by sharing your story of why you hike.

3. Make a self-donation to kickstart your fundraising and show others that you’re leading the way.

4. Use the power of social media to share your story, videos and photos, and launch a Facebook Fundraiser.

5. Get creative! Below you’ll find a list of activities to get you started.


Fundraising Ideas

Here are a few ideas to help get you started.


Social Media and Email

  • Facebook Fundraising
    Link your fundraising page to Facebook. Learn how on the Fundraising Toolkit page.
  • Fundraising Link in Emails
    Remember to include your fundraising link on all outgoing emails and texts. Also, re-record your voicemail to include a mention about participating in Hike MS and a request to contact you about donating.
  • Share, Share, Share
    Ask friends to share your posts on social media and forward your emails. We have images and videos to help you as well!  
  • Generate a QR Code
    Transform the URL from your fundraising page to a QR code! When donors scan the QR code, they'll donate directly to you through any payment option – including credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay and more. Leave your QR code on tip jars, flyers and anywhere you can think of (even social media!). Create a QR code here.


This is where your creativity can really shine! Your new Fundraising Center allows you to add a stream from YouTube or Twitch to bring your fundraising to the next level. Invite your followers to a live stream so they can tune in to hear why Hike MS matters so much to you. You’ll have the chance to respond to comments in real time and connect directly with your donors.


  • Offer Donor Incentives
    For example, for each $50 donation, post a goofy video of you dancing in honor of the donor; for each $20 donation send your donor a handmade thank you card; or, for each $10 donation create a doodle and send it to your donor. Customize these with your talents!
  • Movie Night Party
    Host a movie night with your teammates, friends and family (you can also host from your own homes, too, through the Teleparty extension). Incorporate fun games as well! Every time the word “hike” is said in the movie, everyone donates $1 to your team.
  • Garage Sale
    Have a garage sale to do some spring cleaning. You can host this sale in person, online, or email and text pictures of items for sale. Get others to join your sale, too!
  • Extra change box
    Keep a jar nearby to put all your extra coins in – it adds up! Or put it on your desk (or a communal space if allowed) at work.
  • Lip Sync Battle
    Encourage team members to record videos of themselves singing and then submit the videos to you. You then set a time to showcase all the submissions and let donors vote on their favorite with their donation dollars. The person with the most donations wins! Variations of this event include a pet photo or kid photo contest.
  • No-bake Bake Sale
    Host a no-bake, bake sale. Have people donate what they would spend on making baked goods for a sale. Instead of baking, they donate to you.
  • Activity Night
    Host an activity night. Encourage donors to contribute a set amount to participate. For example:
    - Bingo
    - Cooking Class
    - Trivia
    - Exercise/Yoga class
    - Dance party
    - Concert
    - Game night
  • Matching Gifts
    Many companies offer matching gifts, which double – or even triple – donations with virtually no extra effort on your end. Find out how.  


Get Moving

  • Training Miles
    Use your training miles to raise funds. Set a mileage or fundraising goal you’d like to achieve by a specific date. Then, share the goal with your friends and encourage them to donate (e.g. $1 for every 1 mile you hike/walk). Document your progress and share it on social media!  


Around Your House and Neighborhood

  • Grocery Pick-up or Delivery
    Offer to deliver or pick up groceries in exchange for donations to your fundraising page.
  • IOUs
    Offer “IOUs” for future things such as dinners, errands or general chores in exchange for a donation.
  • In-Home Scavenger Hunt
    Make a list of everyday objects you and your friends might find at home (e.g. a pink highlighter, wrapping paper, an old teddy bear, etc.). If someone doesn't have an item on your list, they can make a donation to bypass the item and move on to the next. Whoever gets through the list fastest gets a prize.
  • Favorite Things
    Create lists of your favorite things like books, movies, crafts, school worksheets for kids, distraction techniques and share them for a donation.
  • Orange Ribbons
    Cut orange ribbons and sell them to your friends and family. You can either mail the ribbons to donors or offer to hang them in your window with their name printed on them. Don’t forget to post photos using #hikeMS.