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Top Fundraisers


Individuals that raise $1,000 or more this year will receive a Bike MS: NYC Top Fundraiser jersey, first-class treatment at this year's ride, plus much more.


  • Possible recognition on the Leaderboard throughout the year
  • A distinctive, fully-sublimated jersey
    2020 Top Fundraisers: All 2020 jerseys were shipped via FedEx in April 2021 if you did not receive yours, please contact Raeya Stephan at
  • Ride weekend perks, recognition, and VIP treatment – stay tuned for details!
  • Opportunity to qualify for the Elite 150 Club the following year. See below for more details.

Elite 200 Club

Members of the exclusive Elite 200 Club were New York City’s highest fundraising individuals from Bike MS: NYC 2021. This amazing group of people raised 78% of the ride’s total fundraising in 2020. 


2021 Elite 200 Club members will enjoy the following for perks for 2021 ride:

  • Name and ranking listed on the website
  • Complimentary registration.
  • Elite 200 Club cycling wearable.  All 2021 Elite Club wearables were shipped via FedEx in April 2021 if you did not receive yours, please contact Raeya Stephan at
  • Personalized bike plate and bib with your name that corresponds to your fundraising ranking.
  • Ride weekend perks, recognition, and VIP treatment. Details coming soon!
    • Congratulations once again to our 2020 Elite 200 Club Members! We look forward to recognizing you at the 2021 ride. Stay tuned for ride weekend benefit details coming soon.
  • Dedicated staff to assist throughout the year.
  • Invitations to various virtual events throughout the year.
  • Invitation to Bike MS: NYC Awards Ceremony.
  • All cyclists who raise at least $5,000 are eligible for the Bike MS National Passport Program.
  • 2020 commemorative Top Fundraiser jersey, prizes post event and more!

The 2022 Elite 150 Club will include the top 150 individual fundraisers from Bike MS: NYC! Continue fundraising until the December 16th ranking deadline to ensure your spot in the club at Bike MS: NYC 2022.
Please note: The deadline to qualify for the 2022 Elite 150 Club is December 16, 2021. We must have received all donations by that date. The final list is posted in January. Any donations received after December 16th can count toward the current year ride total, but no changes will be made to the Elite 150 Club status list based on donations received after this date.

2021 Elite 200 Club Members
Congratulations to all of our 2021 Elite 200 Club Members. 

  1. Jake Barton - $51,300
  2. Miranda McKay - $50,770
  3. Dexter Barton - $50,000
  4. Robert Sandler - $32,513
  5. Bob Bodian - $30,358
  6. Stephen Nettler - $24,500
  7. Jane Son - $22,670
  8. Andrew Tunick - $20,500
  9. Dan Kusnetz - $17,549      
  10.  Geoffrey Radbill - $15,100

Rookie of the Year- Awarded to the first-year cyclist with the highest fundraising 
BOB BODIAN; Bob Bodian- Elaine’s Team

Sophomore Standout Individual- Awarded to the second-year rider with the highest fundraising
MARCIA AWOBULUYI, Marcia in Motion


Partner in MS- Given to the team or individual that displays deep commitment to the mission of the Society

Most Creative Virtual Fundraiser- Awarded to the individual or team that took the challenge of Bike MS and exceled in the virtual space

How to Get Your 2021 Bike MS New York City Top Fundraiser Jersey:

  • Post Event: If you missed the chance to pick up your jersey on ride day or your qualified post event by November 16th a Top Fundraiser jersey will be mailed to you via USPS in December. We will do our best to accommodate all size requests, but stock is limited.
    • Please contact Raeya Stephan at if need a jersey mailed to you.

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