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We have a new website, but don't worry – you can still log on to the old site to download your contacts and donors. Team captains, you can also download your past team rosters. Just follow the easy steps and/or watch the video below.

Download Your Contacts, Donor Lists & Rosters

  1. Click here to log into our old event website. If you no longer have your login credentials, please contact Fundraising Support.
  2. Bike MS event selectionIf you participated in more than one event, you can access a drop down list of your events (a) by clicking on the My Bike MS Fundraising button (b). After selecting an event you'll land on your Fundraising Dashboard.
  3. Click Download File to download spreadsheets of your information. 
    1. Contacts: Your contact list spreadsheet will be the same regardless of which event you select as it is cumulative across all events and years. Use this file to upload contacts to the new website.
    2. Donor List: Your donor list spreadsheet will include names that are also on your contact list and the amount of each donation. This file is for your information purposes only as donation amounts cannot be uploaded to the new website.
    3. Team Roster (team captains only): Team members are not part of your contact list so download this file if you need your team member’s contact information.  You can upload and add them to your contact list if you desire.

Upload Your Contacts

  1. Login to this website
  2. In the black banner at the top of the page, click on Messages > Contact List
    Contact List
    1. Please note: if your contact list includes more than 100 names, you'll need to create multiple files each with less than 100 names. If you need help with this, please contact Fundraising Support.
  3. Click Import Contacts
  4. Click Import from CSV file. 
  5. Locate (typically in your downloads folder) and select your previously downloaded teamraiserContacts.csv file. Tip: Remember to make sure it includes less than 100 contacts.
  6. Click Next
  7. Select All or select the contacts you'd like to import
    Import Contacts
  8. Click Add Contacts
  9. Celebrate! You'll see a success message and your contacts will now be populated in the new event site.
    Success - contacts uploaded

Your Story & Image

If you’d like to copy your story or image from a previous year. Login and go to My Walk MS Fundraising > My Pages, select your Personal or Team (for team captains) Page to view the page. Then you can copy and paste your story into the new site. To get your image, right click on the image and click Save As to save the image to your computer to upload to the new website. 

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