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The Alan Buegeleisen MS Research Fund

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Alan and I celebrating his Final New Year’s Eve together (2021)
Alan and I celebrating his Final New Year’s Eve together (2021).

Time passes so quickly. Alan died a year ago, and our parents years before that.  So, as our family’s MS days and my caregiving responsibilities are over, I have returned to California from Florida.  I am reconstructing much of my life and building new parts of it.  I am in good health, enjoying travel again and pursuing activities and friendships that mean a lot to me.   But I am always aware that Alan was left behind, that he was not lucky enough to follow his dreams.  The course of his disease had already progressed so far that he could not benefit from recent advances in new diagnostics and therapies.  My brother is gone, and I know he was the reason many of you gave so generously in the past.  But so many others still need us to stand with them to get this job done.  Having lived with Alan during the last years of his disease I am even more determined that we remain aggressive in this fight, that we increase the momentum of therapeutic innovation and that we find the causes of MS and ultimately its cure.  We continue to support the International Progressive MS Alliance, and an annual summer Fellowship to a student from Wellesley College to experience working in an MS lab, cultivating the next generation of researchers.  Thank you for helping support this meaningful work.


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