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I'm cycling toward a world free of MS.

If you know me, you know I have MS and that I am doggedly determined to end MS in my lifetime. I never want my daughter, my family members, my friends, friends of my friends to hear those dreaded words "You have MS." I heard that at around 7am on February 20, 2001. At the time, I was wheelchair bound and unable to even stand unassisted. But when my neurologist said those words I replied with, "You see that picture? That's me crossing the finish line of the MS 150 (now Bike MS). I WILL do that again." He acknowledged what he called my "fierce determination," but he followed that up with "not this year." But I did it that July! The same ride I had done the 10 years before diagnosis took on new meaning for me. I continue to ride the Bike MS, 30+ years and counting. This year will be no different.

I’ve set an ambitious goal because I know that with support from people like you, I can get there.

MS is a devastating, unpredictable disease. But money raised through Bike MS fuels cutting-edge MS research and critical services to ensure people affected by MS have the resources they need to live their best lives.
Please help me reach my goal. 


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