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Appreciating  every day and working towards a world free of MS

In 2012 my Dad was diagnosed with MS. At the time I was in my first year of college and had no idea what MS was or how it would affect my family's lives. I played a lot of different sports as a kid, and he was always trying to help me improve my kick, throw, catch, swing, or whatever it was. He also introduced me to cycling and mountain biking where we would ride the awesome trails around my hometown of Alice Springs, Australia. This started my love of cycling and I began racing at a national and international level and is still continuing today as a professional mountain biker in the US.

Following my Dad's progress and the strength and support of my Mum to keep everything running smoothly has been a humbling experience. I have more respect than ever for them and their relationship, while keeping up with us three kids. My biggest learning experience from this has been to make sure that I continue to live my life every day as though I may not have the same opportunity tomorrow. 

Two years ago I participated in my first BikeMS and I met a ton of awesome people, including the team from Infinite Scale (a Salt Lake based environmental design company) and I decided to join forces with them this year! I'm excited to be back in 2021 to raise money and show my support for not only Dad, but the whole MS community! 

I've set an ambitious goal because I know that with support from people like you, I can get there. 

MS is a devastating, unpredictable disease. But money raised through BikeMS fuels cutting-edge MS research and critical services to ensure people affected by MS have the resources they need to live their best lives. 


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