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Summer 2021

 30th Ride!   An audacious $30,000 fundraising goal!!   

August 7 will be my 30th consecutive MS bike ride.  

Earlier this year I thought it was time for an upgrade in the ride, and the fundraising.  30 years.  Pretty amazing record.

My plan was to depart Portland May 12 for Key West.  Kristin and I would ride from Key West to Indian Rocks Beach, vicinity of Tampa, over the next ten days.  Then she—wisely—would fly home.  While I continued north to Calais on my bike with the intent of covering about 3000 miles.  According to the East Coast Greenway routes.  However, being inclined to stay outside the box, I opted to ride somewhat closer to the East coast for the bulk of my route, thus riding a bit less than 3000 miles.

Because of the thirty years, and the three thousand miles, I thought it appropriate to aim high and see if it was remotely possible to raise $30,000.  It’s only $10 per mile, in case you’d like to buy just one, or a few.  Or if you’d like to go big time as well, I would love to have sixty of my ‘close’ friends who would/could donate for fifty miles.  That would get me to my goal just fine.  I don’t have a lot to offer my donors, except the sincere thanks from the many who live daily with MS.   

Still hard to believe.  Not only that I’ve been doing it this long, but that despite my and your efforts, we still don’t have a cure for MS.  Getting closer, and some MS patients have certainly benefited from the ongoing research and some of the current medications.  But it’s not over yet, so we still need your support.

If you know anything at all about MS, the one thing that is most disturbing to me is the not knowing.  Those who have it, may take years to be actually diagnosed,  because it seems to be the ‘disease of last resort’.  Very obvious in affect, not so obvious in actuality since it could be many other possibilities in early stages.  And when finally diagnosed, depending on the type of MS, symptoms may lay dormant for months or years between episodes, leaving the victim with no way to know. 

Your contribution on my behalf helps the Maine Chapter of the MS Society provide services and support to the more than 3000 people in Maine with MS, and many more indirectly affected by the disease. It also supports research into the causes and cures of the disease.

Many thanks,


If this is an email you can sponsor me online right here; or by mailing your contribution (Payable to MS Society) to me at 55 Roberts Street, Portland, ME 04102.


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