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We're cycling toward a world free of MS.

Last year we were determined to set the World Record around Lake Michigan in 72 hours or less. Starting and ending at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago we set our sights for a very special Father's Day weekend. We completed 920 miles through Wisconsin, Michigan's Upper Peninsula across the Mackinac Bridge, down the West Coast of Michigan thru Northwest Indiana and back to turn in a world record time of 64 hours, 25 minutes. [ABC7, Strava, Record Report, Momentum Magazine]


This year, we're committing to the Race Across America. The pinnacle of the international, ultracycling world. Over 3000 miles and 175K feet of climbing across the entirety of the continental United States. We will depart from Oceanside, California and traverse 12 states to the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland. less than 12 days. 


With the support of a talented crew,  we will push the limit of just how fast and far we can go. Long-time teammates, colleagues and good friends will travel every mile of the route to document the effort to get this done quickly and safely. 


The team and I are committing ourselves to fundraising for those affected by multiple sclerosis through the National MS Society. My first 200km ride was the Bike MS Tour de Farms event 10 years ago when I first learned two of my best friends were diagnosed with MS. We're going full bore with my training and preparation for this and hope we can count on your support to be a force for some good during these uncertain times.


We've set an ambitious goal because I know that with support from people like you, we can get there. MS is a devastating, unpredictable disease. But money raised through Bike MS fuels cutting-edge MS research and critical services to ensure people affected by MS have the resources they need to live their best lives. Especially now more than ever. 

Please help us reach our goal and consider sponsoring us along the route. Every time station means we're one step closer to getting across the country. The crew and I will need all our strength, energy and will to get us across the line. Become a part of our Team with a donation and select the time station you want to sponsor.

Note: 100% of all contributions here go direct to the National MS Society. 


Follow along as we tackle this adventure in June 2022. A live GPS tracker and streaming coverage of the race to come. In the meantime, follow us on Strava, Instagram and Facebook for updates. 

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