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Positive Pedalers Bike MS: Inside Out - September


MS Research must go on, even during the Pandemic!

So many things are cancelled this year as we all know! But MS still needs help to pay for research to find a cure! Inevitably, the funds raised this year will be down. I realize some of you are on hard times with no employment, and I understand that.Others are not spending the money they normally do on vacations, going out to eat, concerts, festivals, GAS, so maybe you do have a bit to spare for a good cause! 

We had to "Pause" our Pardeeville ride this year due to the Pandemic ( I designed and sold some buffs.. so we made about $1700, but normally our ride raises $10,000, so you can see what a pandemic can do!

Stay well everyone, and do what you can to help us all get through this time with a Positive attitude and a smile on our face.. better times are coming!

Please help me reach my goal. 


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