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YOU WILL BE INSPIRED!! So proud of my awesome, rock star, butt-kicking, MS warrior fundraising team. They inspire me everyday to do more.

Our goal--a world free of MS.

1995-I was 31 years old and two months pregnant and went completely blind. The doctors really didn't know why and hoped my sight would return. Within six weeks my sight returned to normal and I went about my life. I had a beautiful son, Chris, and my husband, Jim, and I began this exciting journey of parenthood.

When Chris was two yrs old I lost my eyesight again and went numb on the left side of my body. This time I was diagnosed with MS. Words cannot describe the depth of sadness for our family. For a while my life became as numb as my left side.

We WALK for those living with MS to have their BEST life...we WALK for a world where people can say "I used to have MS"...we WALK so that we don't ever have to hear one of our loved ones say "guess what, I have MS"!

Together we can do what alone we can not.

Will you help us reach our goal by donating what you can? Or even better, join us for Walk MS! We are back in person!! You can join the team and walk at any site you wish. Our main site is Harper College in Palatine but if you would rather walk at a different location I can set it up.


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