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Donate in memory of Kim Morgan

A personal campaign sponsored by Laurie Hickman


Kim was always an active person. She was a cheerleader in high school and the only girl on the boys track team. She golfed, played tennis, and racket ball and just about any other sport she tried her hand at. Her middle name is Joy and she always had a joyful spirit. She loved to laugh and do active things. She married her husband Wayne Harrell and they had a beautiful boy named Austin, whom she adores still. In March of 1986, she was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS when Austin was only 6 months old. She was able to manage it somewhat over the next 10 years. But life got harder because of MS and began to affect her vision as well as her ability to walk. She eventually starting requiring a cane for walking, and then eventually a walker. She married her second husband, Bart Morgan who enjoyed taking her on fun trips which she loved. One of the trips was horseback riding in Montana. If she had trouble getting around, Bart just hoisted her on his back and carried her where she needed to be. But the MS continued to progress and in July of 2009 her diagnosis changed to secondary progressive MS. There is virtually no treatment for secondary progressive MS. She retired early from a job she loved in the financial industry. Through all of these trials, she was always joyful and fun to be around. But life was hard. Please consider making a donation so that one day a cure will be found for MS and others don't have to go through these physical challenges with no hope for a cure. 


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