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Back to the Island with

The Vineyard Square Wheelers

We get it. There are a hundred reasons not to give to this ride. 

  • Covid is still running rampant. People are still getting sick.
  • It seems like just yesterday we hit you up for donations and money doesn't grow on trees. (In fact, it's been more like six months because the ride was late last year, but we empathize.) 
  • The world is even more messed up and uncertain than usual.

Welcome to the world of MS: Sickness, drained financial resources, and uncertainty.

There is only one reason to say "yes" but we think it's a good one: MS is still destroying lives and families. We hope you're with us in the fight. If not, we understand and we love you anyway.

We're back on Martha's Vineyard this year and we're going to ride our hearts and legs out. We would appreciate your support whatever form it takes: financial, prayers, good will, cheers, or riding with us. We're grateful for any and all of those.

If you do your part, we promise to do ours. To us, MS is personal.

[To get in the mood to donate, listen to the immortal Leon Russell sing "Back to the Island".]



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