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Team Target* is at it again!

Team Target has been a part of Bike MS for over 20 years. This fundraising ride changes the world for people affected by multiple sclerosis. MS is a devastating, unpredictable disease. Every mile we pedal and every dollar we raise brings us closer to a world free of MS.

You do NOT need to be a Target TM to ride as a part of Team Target! This ride is open to Target team members, friends and family and is a great way to meet team members (and their family and friends) from across the company.

We would really like to grow our ridership and build more connection across our cycling community so we hope you'll join us for this year's event. You can join us for the whole weekend or just one day. The fundraising minimum is and easy $300 per person and our team goal is $30,000 this year. Minimum rider age is 12 years old so bring the kids!

We are preparing to go the distance with our training and commitment, and we’d love for you to be part of this incredible experience. Seriously, it's SO much fun and a great kick off to summer!

If you’d like to support us, please donate or join our team! We’ve set an ambitious goal because we know that with support from people like you, we can get there.

Please help us reach our goal.
*NOTE: This is a NOT a Target-sponsored event and NO donation solicitations should be made using Target resources or properties.



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