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We're people with MS biking with each other and for those with MS who can't along with our families and friends

Many of us Peppy Pedaler's live with MS...and ride with MS.  When one person in a family has MS, the entire family is affected as well as our friends and our lifestyle.  We're here to make the best of it and help as many people with MS as we can along the way.

For all of us living with MS, it's critical we continue to support research and programs that the National MS Society provides for people with MS so we can continue to make progress.  Unfortunately, MS is different for everyone which makes it more complicated.  As of now, there's no cure but the National MS Society has funded much research that allows us living with MS to make the best of it.  We need to continue doing our part to do fund raising to support this research and programs.

We're hoping that we'll have even more people living with MS riding "with" each other as well as "for" all of those living with MS that can't; along with their family and friends.

Please join our team and help us reach our goal...sharing a better life with MS

If you're able, please make a donation...Thank you and many blessings to you!  



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