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We're cycling toward a world free of MS.

Around the 4tof July in 1993, my wife Pam began to experience double vision and a loss of balance. The symptoms lasted for about 2 weeks. On July 20tof that year Pam was diagnosed

with Multiple Sclerosis. As frightening as that would sound to anyone, it was particularly so to us. Pam’s great-aunt had been diagnosed in her early 20s, went downhill rapidly, and was ultimately institutionalized in Inglas House in Philadelphia,

where she remained until her passing a few years ago (she was in her mid-60s). When that is your only frame of reference, it is understandably difficult to face that diagnosis. Telling the rest of her family was equally traumatic.


For the first 8-9 years, Pam’s symptoms (exacerbations in MS terminology) were fairly mild, then she started to have some problems with “foot drop” and then her right leg began to fatigue easily. She is still very mobile but often tells people, “stairs are not my friends.” She occasionally uses a cane to walk long distances or when she is tired. She also has occasional weakness in her right hand. But, I have also come to appreciate the psychological burden that people with MS carry every day. They never know when an exacerbation may strike, how severe it will be, or how long it will last. Some never completely go away.

My wife carries this burden with uncommon grace.


So, in 1993 some friends of mine got me involved in the MS-150 bike-a-thon, a two-day bike ride covering 150 miles.   In 1994 I formed the “Roxborough Riders” with 7 team members. Our team’s 28-year fund raising total is over $641,000. I plan to keep at this until a cure is found and as long as God gives me strength.  Although the team was started around support for Pam Craighead, the team now proudly wears the names of 53 friends and family who have MS. We ride for them because we love them and want to see them free of this devastating illness. Please help us by sponsoring one of our riders.  If you are a business owner, please consider sponsoring our team.

Please help us reach our goal.  



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