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We're cycling toward a world free of MS.

MS is very close to us. It is close to us all because it is close to one of us. Our Co-Founder, Brian Owens’ sister Kim has suffered with this disease for over 14 years and in recent years has been confined to a wheelchair. Brian and his family have watched Kim go from a limp to slowly losing movement in one leg to then affecting both legs. With Kim's permission Brian decided the best way he could help her and others struggling with MS was calling attention to the debilitating disease and using his three restaurants as a platform to both educate and raise money for the National MS Society. In our 6th year we have now raised over $200,000 with the generous donations from our friends and family along with being the top corporate fundraising team.

The National MS Society works tirelessly to develop medication and treatments that slow and ease the disease and make the lives of Kim and countless others a lot more tolerable. The end goal is to one day find a cure.

NYC BIKE MS Ride helps raise funds that support the groundbreaking research work done by The National MS Society. 

On Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 our staff, customers, friends, and family will ride together for the 6th time through the glorious city of New York that we all call home. We have challenged ourselves to have our most successful fundraising year yet with the goal of reaching $100,000! But we need your support.  Any amount helps and we are grateful to have this platform to help make a difference in a disease that affects women 2-3 times more than men and one that a million people are living with in the United States today. 



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