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Welcome to Team Deme!!!

Team Deme recognizes and supports Demetria Smith's fight against multiple sclerosis. 


The walk is on Saturday, May 14th at 9am at Indiana University South Bend (IUSB).  Registration starts at 8am.


Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable and disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain as well as between the brain and the body.  MS is different for everyone, making it challenging to solve.  Most people diagnosed with MS have the relapsing remitting form meaning they experience "attacks" or increased neurological symptoms that last for several days or several months, followed by periods of "remissions" where they partially or completely recover from their symptoms.  Unfortunately, reversing the neurological damage is extremely challenging and most medications only slow the disease progression.


Demetria was diagnosed with a rarer form of MS called primary progressive MS in 2006.  It's different in that there are no attacks or remissions, but rather the decline of the central nervous system is slow and steady.  Only a few years after her diagnosis, Demetria experienced a rapid and severe decline in her neurological system and developed serious physical disabilities, including ataxia, head tremors, muscle weakness, speech disorder, swallowing disorder, and fatigue, all of which caused her to need help with all activities of daily living.  In recent years, Demetria struggles with mild cognitive disorder, causing issues with short term memory, logic, and her ability to communicate. 

While it has been a difficult journey, we continue to fight her disease as a family.  Demetria's toughness and perseverance provide a great source of inspiration.  Let's remember that, despite her disabilities, Demetria gave birth to Jude in 2014.  The love, energy, and enthusiasm displayed by Jude every day reflects Demetria's spirit.  


Team Deme consists of people recognizing and supporting Demetria's fight against MS.  While we are centered in South Bend, IN, Team Deme members can be found wearing our orange shirts from coast to coast.  In 2014, we formed our first Walk MS team with a dozen people, including our parents, Demetria's therapists, and her home care aides.  Over the years, Team Deme has grown dramatically and our impact is felt throughout the MS community.  The photo in the banner at the top of this page shows Team Deme from Walk MS 2019, when we had almost 75 walkers, our largest team ever!  In 2020, our friends at CrossFit South Bend created WOD MS, a CrossFit workout designed around Demetria's MS story.  This workout has become an annual event at CFSB and is another way to help spread MS awareness.  And in 2021, our fundraising efforts hit an all-time high, as we reached the top of the fundraising leaderboard for Walk MS South Bend for the first time!

Since our formation, thanks to the contributions of many family members, friends, co-workers, Notre Dame alumni, Notre Dame students, CrossFitters, and even strangers, Team Deme can proudly say that we have raised approximately $32,000 for Walk MS! 


Register for Walk MS South Bend and join Team Deme by clicking on the "Join Our Team" icon at the top of the page. As a reminder, the walk is on Saturday, May 15th at 9am at Indiana University South Bend (IUSB).

If you can't attend, you can donate to our fundraising efforts by clicking on the "Donate" icon at the top of the page.


With your support, we are one step closer to a world free of MS! With Love,

The Smith Family (Brian, Demetria, and Jude)



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