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Impact & Mission

Together, We Are Stronger Than MS

Walk MS brings together passionate people from communities across the country to change the world for people affected by multiple sclerosis. Together, we drive progress to achieve our vision of a world free of MS. To date, Walk MS participants, volunteers and donors have raised over $1 billion to stop MS in its tracks, restore what’s been lost and end MS forever. Here are just a few ways the Walk MS community is making a difference:

Hannah diagnosed in 2017

We now have disease-modifying therapies for progressive and pediatric MS. Learn more

Ask an MS Expert

We’ve launched programs like Ask an MS Expert to connect those affected by MS to the information they need. Learn more

Ginny diagnosed in 1991

We have supported 52 bills that became law to advocate for the MS community. Learn more

Support and Community

The National MS Society builds a network of resources and events to help people affected by MS live less isolated, more informed, happier lives — including more than 100,000 people stepping forward for Walk MS each and every year. People like Pablo, whose Walk MS experience showed him that together, we are stronger.

Pablo at the finish line“In the beginning, I felt alone.  And that's when I heard there was a MS Walk.  Just seeing everyone who has MS, I thought 'wow I'm not alone'.  People are stronger than one.  Together, we can participate and inspire people and other generations to do their part.  Show us that you support us, that you're with us, that we're not alone.  It's everyone's fight, and we're fighting together.”
- Pablo, diagnosed 2013, Team Pav

The next step you take could be the last in our journey toward a world free of MS. Build your team in your community and join the movement. 

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