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Fundraising Tips & Tools

Mile by mile, dollar by dollar, you get us closer to a world free of MS.

Reaching your fundraising goals (and beyond!) is a breeze with the right resources. From videos, images, guides, and an app, our Fundraising Toolkit is designed to help you become a fundraising powerhouse.

5 Tips to Get Started  

1. Set a goal and aim high.

2. Personalize your Fundraising Center by sharing your story of why you run.  Download our app so you can check your donations and share your story on the go.


3. Make a self-donation to kickstart your fundraising and show others that you’re leading the way.

4. Use the power of social media to share your story, videos and photos, and launch a Facebook Fundraiser.

5. Get creative! From car washes to bake sales, the sky is the limit for your fundraising ideas. See a few ideas below to get you started.

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