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I Ride with MS

No one should face MS alone, and at Bike MS, we shine a light on what it means to live with this disease. Our I Ride with MS program celebrates and recognizes the resilience of our cyclists who live with MS. I Ride with MS participants enjoy special day-of-event benefits and receive a complimentary "I Ride with MS" jersey from our program's proud supporter, Primal.

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Participants enjoy:

  • A complimentary I Ride with MS jersey
  • Special day-of-event benefits, including extra love and cheers from supporters

How to Join

  1. Find your ride
  2. Register as a Cyclist
  3. Under the Profile section, select “I have MS”
    1. Select “Yes” to be part of the I Ride with MS program
    2. Select jersey size

2022 Bike MS Jersey

I Ride with MS jersey

Primal is the proud supporter of I Ride with MS, a nationwide Bike MS program.

Please note: You can sign up for the program – available at all our rides nationwide – when you register or contact the Fundraising Support Center at 855-372-1331. If you’ve already registered but didn’t select IRWMS at time of registration, you can still join by contacting Fundraising Support. 

Questions? Contact Us for More Information:

Trish showing off her I Ride with MS jersey"I started with Walk MS then I started volunteering for Bike MS and now I have participated in Bike MS. It’s just grown for me over the years. Without the Society, I don’t think I’d be here today, so I am really grateful and that gratitude drives me to keep volunteering and remain an MS activist."

– Trisha Pilgrim

Lyndsay showing her I Ride with MS gear"I ride with’s not only made me feel stronger, but it’s also become my motivation to keep on moving and to never give up. The miles I am able to ride today, would have never been a thought in my brain when I was first diagnosed back in 2008 because I was numb from the waist down. I am proud of myself for never stepping back and letting this disease take over my life. If anything, it’s given me a life worth living and fighting for! 💪🏻 Keep at it. Keep fighting. Keep being resilient!"

– Lyndsay Wright

Joey on his bike "To me the ‘I Ride With MS’ program is a sign of respect and recognition. I receive so much support from riders when wearing this jersey. It is my badge of honor!"

– Joey Bouchard

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