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Earn achievement badges to show off your hard work and accomplishments! They're a great way to stay motivated and focused on fundraising.

It’s simple: complete tasks and reach milestones to collect as many badges as possible and proudly display them on your Fundraising Center.

Fundraising Milestones & Clubs

gold star
100% of Goal

blue star
High Rollers
(fundraise $2,500)

orange star
50% of Goal

5k badge
Passport Program
(fundraise $5,000)

1k badge
Club K
(fundraise $1,000)

10k badge
Premier Peddlers
(fundraise $10,000)

Fundraising Activity Badges

Earn training badges by tracking your training and activity through the Bike MS app or logging them on your Fundraising Center.

facebook icon
Creating a Facebook Fundraiser

Adding your personal story

​Inviting someone to donate

group of people
​Connecting live stream

completed checkmark
​Completing a streaming session

C badge
Becoming a captain by creating a team

Training Badges

10 mile badge
Ride 10 miles

25 mile badge
Ride 25 miles
50 mile badge
Ride 50 miles
75 mile badge
Ride 75 miles
100 mile badge
Ride 100 miles
125 mile badge
Ride 125 miles
150 mile badge
Ride 150 miles
175 mile badge
Ride 175 miles
200 mile badge
Ride 200 miles
250 mile badge
Ride 250 miles
300 mile badge
Ride 300 miles
350 mile badge
Ride 350 miles
400 mile badge
Ride 400 miles
450 mile badge
Ride 450 miles
500 mile badge
Ride 500 miles
500+ mile badge
Ride more than 500 miles

It’s simple. Complete the task and earn a badge! Collect as many as you can through your Fundraising Center.

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